Customs Clearing Services in Nigeria. This is basically a service provided by a Customs Clearing Agent.

 For a successful and smooth Customs Clearing Services, all the necessary documents must be made available to the Customs Clearing Agent.

Clearing Documents

These Clearing documents include the following:

  1.  Final Invoice:   This is the invoice stating the total value of the goods.
  2. Combined Certificate of  Value & Origin(CCVO): This is a document that is required for import payment, under the Destination Inspection scheme                        
  3. Bill of Lading :  This is the document obtained from the shipping line, it contains details of the cargo.
  4. Air way bill:  This is the document obtained from the Air line. It contains details of the cargo.
  5. Parking List:  This is the document that contains details about the content of the packages. 
  6. Import Permit 🙁 SONCAP) This document is issued by The Nigerian Standard Organization.
  7. Insurance
  8. Form “M”: This is a mandatory documentation put in place by the Government. It is processed through the bank.
  9. PAAR. (Pre-Arrival Assessment Report): This Report is issued by the Nigerian Customs. It is required for the clearing of goods entering Nigeria.

The above listed Customs Clearing documents are provided to the Clearing Agent, by the Importer.

 In the absence of the above documents, Customs clearing service is impossible. Especially for a sea freight.

A smooth customs clearing undertaking, depends on a perfect documentation. Hence it is necessary to ensure that the procurement of these documents are without mistakes.

Furthermore, it is not always good to completely rely on ones bank during these process.

It is necessary to involve an experience Customs Clearing Agent for guidance. This is where HSC Logistics Solutions Ltd. comes in to play. We are a renowned Customs Clearing Agent, with experienced personnel that will cheerfully guide you through the process of preparation and procurement of perfect clearing documents.

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The Importer should ensure that these clearing documents are procured well ahead of time. Before the arrival of the cargo. This will allow the clearing Agent ample time for cargo clearing and avoid demurrage.